Friday, December 21, 2012

Michel Idehall "So" cs

Michel Idehall

Sometimes I listen to some of my items to review in format of my children. Usually I pick things that I don't think will creep them out or turn them into psycho killers. I am usually pretty accurate with that. This cassette, while not immediately creepy, gave my 12 year old step daughter the heebie geebies. It's super competent and pretty interesting but it has this Front 242 sexy vampire trip hop sound from the early 90's that is… inappropriate for holidays and children. It's actually a little too industrial for me. It sounds like Merzbow meets Tricky at times though. So if that appeals to you I would rock this because it doesn't sound like a weak release at all. Just not for me. 

     It looks brilliant. Excellent minimal design that brings to mind some excellent swiss grids and the illustration on the cover is beautiful. This label does beautiful work. 

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