Sunday, January 8, 2017

Oskoreien—All Too Human cs

All Too Human
Self Released

I borrowed this image. It's nicer than my photo.

This is going to be huge… well, If Jay Valena wants it to be. It’s totally a one man Black Metal project in every sense in everything from writing to preforming to releasing. Musically this doesn’t start out quite as brutal as the previous effort but it hits a much more poignant emotional note from the first moment. That theme is explored throughout the album in a more mid-tempo approach to the genre but not entirely. It becomes very much a expansive record than I think I was assuming and I believe that is kind of the point. Valena plays with expectations a bit on here and once you think you have his approach on this pegged he completely destroys it. One thing I really want to point out before I go on too long is that this record has some incredible musicianship on it. The drumming in incredible and is able to easily keep up with the fascinating stringed instrument interplay. The drums move from brutal blast beats to interesting yet reserved beats that are tastefully accented by some pretty killer fills. I imagine this album took a little while to finalize with all different instruments and just one man to play them all. The vocals are totally on point and super tragic sounding. Like dying alone. It’s great. The layout and artwork are pretty simple but I gotta hand it to him that he dealt with Trajan (the font) in a very professional way. It’s not the easiest font to kern or letter space correctly (those R’s can be a pain) but he did an excellent job. 

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