Sunday, January 8, 2017

Black Knife—s/t cd

Black Knife
Husk Records

Remember back when metal was actually scary? When the guys who worked with your big brother at the auto repair shop in Farmers, KY used to blast Motorhead, Pentagram and Judas Priest and you were legit scared of these guys? Well, that is what this is like. It’s dark and totally rocks but has this classic bit of late 70s metal angst that has been missing in our lives for many years. The vocals are the only thing that is a bit more brutal than and of the aforementioned bands and that’s a pretty good thing. I am fully behind this and you will be too. I think maybe I should just their band camp link here. It speaks for itself. 
The artwork and layout are perfect. It’s simple and unpretentious and works perfectly. It has kinda of made me fall in love with classic cds in jewel cases. Find this.

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