Thursday, February 20, 2014

Matthew Akers—A History of Arson cs

Matthew Akers
A History of Arson
Out of Body Records

I love being surprised. When I saw the cover art, read the album title and then opened the cassette to have a wooden match fall out I thought, "alright, what kind of HNW am I in for". I was very wrong. This is owes so much more to Tangerine Dream than almost anything and for a guy that owns waaaaaaay too many Tangerine Dream albums this was a good thing. I really recommend this to any fans of this sort of synth adventure groove. Sometimes this stuff is just someone who just got a Moog learning how to sequence and turning some knobs but this has some thought and innovation put into it. Nice. 

The layout is okay. i love that all of Out of Body's cassettes have the same type on the spines and cassettes but I think they need to reign in the rest of the design a bit more. I think they should probably commit the that being the only type on the whole layout, except for something unassuming like helvetica or akzidenz grotesk for small type. The mishmash of types can seem a little unfocused or lacking cohesion. Still good though. 

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