Thursday, February 13, 2014

Living Phantoms—Shiver cs

Living Phantoms
The Mylene Sheath

So when DRIVE came out awhile ago I completely fell in love with that soundtrack. I'm sure everyone did actually because I heard it everywhere I went. It's still a great album but the one thing it really did for me was remind me about all the synth stuff I have sitting here on my shelves that I had generally neglected for the last few years. Thanks to that movie I started playing more New Order, Klaus Schultz, Antartica and Tangerine Dream. This album by Living Phantoms might be a new favorite of that sprawling genre. It sits right around the M83 but with a touch of Múm or even last year's Ulfer. It's good stuff and an excellent palette cleanser from a whole day of gore grind.

     The design and artwork are great for being so minimal. The designer was obviously a pro because the type is handled perfectly and I have to say I love the gradient across the text. I usually don't care for that technique. With the nice psychedelic cover art this is a solid release. I think Motor records may want to check this out. 

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