Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dead Neanderthals—Body Horror cs

Dead Neanderthals
Body Horror
Utech Records

Yes! Fuck yes...  I first heard this shortly before it came out and was floored. Super intense saxophone and drum insanity that is as unrelenting as the most brutal grindcore. This is wounded and spastic in a way that will slightly bend your mind if you sit in the dark and listen to it loud on headphones. Hella and Naked City certainly come to mind when you hear this but it's more abstract than Hella and somehow more focused than a lot of Naked City. I really love this.
     The layout is simple and clean. Keith Utech is an amazing graphic designer and I always trust him to make tasteful and beautiful layouts that utilize illustration and typography in a killer way. The illustration was obviously done by a genius. Let me check the credits... holy shit! It was done by me! Heh. I'm a dork. If you really do like the artwork though Dead Neanderthals are selling shirts. Check it here.

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