Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thin White Puke "Red Lights Blaring" cs

Thin White Puke
Red Lights Blaring
Self Released

This is a name to look for Thin. White. Puke. It's relatively new to me but so far everything has been both brutal and restrained. This recording by TWP may be live but I am not sure. I do know that this is the sound that causes fear. This is where doubt and insecurity come from. This is audio that is tapped into the fight or flight part of your primal brain. Swirling and swelling drones, noise and harsh, distant vocals tear at your defenses and leave you bare. It's quite a gift. 

     Black printing on red paper, hand numbered and with a personalization to it that is brand new to me. This says it is intended for Demian Johnston on the back. They have my number.  There are only 25 of these but maybe you were lucky/unlucky enough to warrant one. It's haunting. 

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