Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nyodene D "Edenfall" 2xcd

Nyodene D 
Malignant Records

So this looks nice. It's actually 2 cds in digipacks in a foil stamped box. Inside the box are some stickers as well. It's a pretty sweet package. I know I usually don't talk about the packaging first but it's really the first thing that struck me. The artwork and layouts themselves are fine. They look a little 1994 in general to me—big Roman type that is all center justified mixed with photoshop flavored photographs of statues—but it's done well and looks very professional. It also super cohesive, which is good but a tad bit boring for how much you have to look at. Maybe I have been looking at too much Neville Brody and David Carson stuff lately but you can make this slightly 90's design still have some dynamics.
     The music is the same way. Pretty good. It's got a little Deutsch Nepal mixed with Throbbing Gristle by way of Godflesh. It's heavy, repetitive and driven by some seriously brutal vocals. Sometimes the vocals sound a little too effected for me but overall it's a good piece of work. Although, like the layout, this album gets a little same-note for me. I feel like the first couple tracks are brutal and destroy everything and then after that I can't really tell you what happened, it all sorta ran together. I think this would have been stronger if it had been shorter. This could have been two albums easily and I'm not even talking about the second disc in this box—which is a remix disc and it's pretty good as well. Not really my thing usually but it's pretty interesting. Anyway, Nyodene D is clearly a good project and I think I will hear good things in the future from this but I am not entirely sold on this one. 

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