Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sutekh Hexen / Prisonfood cs

Sutekh Texen / Prisonfood
Pent Up Release

So this is, if I'm not mistaken, a bootleg/remix of Sutekh Hexen—the label actually says Texen thoughby a Pacific Northwest noise soldier, Prisonfood. It's burly grating noise with just a hint of Sutkeh Hexen's already noisy music just below the surface. It's like gravel and hate pouring in your ears. Lovely.

     Not bad simple packaging. A simple sticker on the jewel case and a text free j card with black and white images that look how this sounds.

If you are a Sutekh Hexen completist you will need this. 

Note: It was pointed out to me that this might not have any SH music below the chaos but who's to say.  Fuck it. 

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