Friday, April 26, 2013

Austin Noise 2013 2xcd comp

Austin Noise 2013
Instincto Records

Goddamn I love Austin, Texas. It's an island of perfection in a state that is almost totally insane and evil. The people, the food, the alcohol and the music give the kind of life saving nectar to your should that you would expect from an oasis. This compilation of 46 noise acts is an amazing sampling of what you could experience in the unions best/worst state. Some of it is the best thing you have heard all day, some of it is not the best thing you have heard all day. This is a damn good double disk and well worth listening to. Listen to this. Then book your trip.

     The layout is super simple and is basically informative more than artistic but they actually do something pretty brilliant with the type on the back. You'll see.


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