Friday, April 22, 2011

This Will Destroy You "tunnel blanket" 2xcs

This Will Destroy You
tunnel blanket 2xcs
Suicide Squeeze Records

This is the cassette version of the new full length from Texas' This Will Destroy You. Eight tracks of giant instrumental rock compositions. It's a style similar to neighbors, Explosions in the Sky, although I would actually say this is a lot of closer to the glacial paced movements of Sigur Ros. It's beautiful, dense and very heavy shoegaze. Some tracks are essentially drone with noise loops and swelling strings. Others songs are slow drum heavy pieces of layered distorted guitars, bass and strings. This record is a massive collection of songs from a Texas quartet that has really come into their own. Excellent work.


  1. shoegaze? sigur ros? explosions in the sky? mannnnnn. disagree. :(

  2. That's okay. You do realize this isn't "our love will destroy the world" though right? Otherwise I could see there being a disagreement on references (maybe I should have said it sounded like Six Parts Seven played with Sunn amps or early Mogwai or something)but this record does sound pretty much like Ágætis byrjun with an unmistakeable West Texas sound.