Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Story of Rats "relinquishment" cs

A Story of Rats

Those unfamiliar with Garek Druss' work should take this opportunity to check it out. This Idaho native has been working his synth mastery for a few years now. Often collaborating with other acts, he can elevate their work with his brand of analog drone. From the debut Pussygutt LP, his constant work with Adam Svenson in Dull Knife to his work with Portland's Tecumseh, A Story of Rats is a valuable player in experimental music these days. Relinquishment is made up of two excellent compositions. The first is made up of beautiful sweeping drones move slowly through each other to create epic soundscapes. The second side features similar treatment from Garek Druss but with the addition of guitar supplied by Mathew Merris; a childhood friend of Garek's. I would like to think of this as a preview of his new full length that should be out on Eiderdown Records or maybe a sequel to his cd on Debacle Records. Either way I would recommend jumping on this excellent cassette before the 100 copies have disappeared.

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