Thursday, April 7, 2011

Josh Lay & Teeth Collection LP

Josh Lay & Teeth Collection
Husk Records/Factotum Tapes

God bless you Josh Lay. His label, Husk Records, has been releasing excellent work from a bevy of experimental artists for awhile now. This collaboration is apparently has been waiting in the wings for while now and it's great that it has surfaced. A 12" and a cdr make up a huge body of work from both Josh Lay and Teeth Collection. It's a epic sampling of two top noise artists creating something bigger than the two of them. a huge maelstrom of noise and drones that starts on the LP and ends on the cdr. I guess the cdr is from a out of print cassette and has a couple individual tracks as well. This LP, limited to 200 copies, will probably be gone soon so I recommend grabbing one as soon as you can. Good luck.

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