Friday, April 8, 2011

Bear-Man cs

Phantom Head

Fuck. This is good. This British trio consisting of guitars, electronics and a drummer plays very noise driven improvisational pieces in the spirit of John Zorn meets Wolf Eyes. The six improvisational tracks run at about 45 minutes which may seems a little long but the playing on this cassette is exceptional. The drummer is unbelievably talented. Obviously someone who has been playing well for a long time. Jazz influenced patterns and beats but played in way that moves the tracks forward. With this sort of music you can often get just noodling nonsense that is devoid of any movement or value. Bear-Man transcends that. The guitar and electronics work perfectly with the rhythms and move the tracks forward to their end. The cassette itself is simply designed but has some of the best cover artwork I have seen in a long time. Both the audio and visual are inspiring. Excellent work.

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