Friday, November 25, 2016

Third I—Nice Collection (2008–2016) cs

Third I
Nice Collection (2008–2016)
Centipede Farm

Fuck this kinda rules. I had never heard of Third I but this is some interesting stuff.  Sometimes it’s very brutal, crushing industrial noise and other times it’s this beautiful, restrained drone pieces. Never too long and rarely self-indulgent. This is impressive. I would love to search out some full lengths now if this is what a collection of rarities sounds like. Nicely done. 

The art and layout don’t really work for me but they don’t ruin it either. I really like the abundant use of yellow but the typography looks like it was an after thought and the cover art has that unfocused pot-head art feel that reminds me of what an unfocused pot-head I used to be. I’m too old. 

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