Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Eggs on Mars—On Hold, On Hold cs

Eggs on Mars
On Hold, On Hold
Self Released

So I used to be in a band called The Action Suits. It was with a couple of my friends that worked with me at Fantagraphics Books and Peter Bagge, the cartoonist. It was this pretty sweet, jangly pop band. This band reminds me a lot of what we did in this sad little basement in Ballard 20 years ago. It small, sweet, intimate and earnest. I really dig this. I don’t know if many that read this blog would care for it much but I really enjoy this. Just lovely. 

The tape itself is not very attractive though. It’s not quite handmade enough to hit that sort of Daniel Johnson vibe it could have and it’s not “nice” enough to really be compelling. I wish they had tried a little harder on the layout and artwork. That’s just me though. I think if you don’t care much about that, and wonderful broken pop songs are your jam you will love this. 

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