Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blue Movies—Muffy cs

Blue Movies
Centipede Farm

Im not really sure what’s happening here. It’s weird. I like that part but it basically just sounds like someone lives in a strange country with only weird music on the radio and they are so to scanning through the channels. It becomes a bit more focused and at it’s best moments has this lo-fi, lo-fi, lo-fi version of At Jennie Richie that I certainly enjoy but it isn’t resonating with me like I think it should Maybe this is a good thing. It’s certainly more challenging that some noise tapes I receive. I’ve listened all the way through and I think as I went I liked it more and more but it still feels pretty unfocused. Maybe that’s the point… I think I am out of my league. 

It looks pretty cool. Simple and straightforward with some effected photos. Not bad. 

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  1. Thank you for the review Demian! It's total improv with Noise; a sort of constructivist/deconstructiveist sacrosanct roller coaster ride. With organic memories, via radio and cut-up poetry. One thing's for sure at the end of the day, we still leave you guessing! Thank you Blue Movies