Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stephen O'Malley—TEMPESTARII + DISintegration cs

Stephen O'Malley
TEMPESTARII + DISintegration
Editions Mego

I am not really a prideful guy. I don't really care about local sports, I don't feel like my city, state or country is really any better than anyone else's but that said, there is something about Seattle when it comes to music. I feel like this city has produced a number of amazing acts and I don't mean Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Stephen is from here, as is Greg Anderson(Thor's Hammer, Brotherhood, Engine Kid), along with Master Musicians of Bukkake, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Pig Heart Transplant, The Accused, King Dude, At Jennie Richie, Drowner… I could go on and on. That said, I like Steve's success. He does great work and has fantastic taste. When you get to know him he is a very sweet and generous guy. He is great to collaborate with and a serious thinker. In other words, he, like many of my friends from Seattle, is a solid dude. This latest cassette release from Stephen is a soundtrack to a film. It deals with power and disintegration. It's a massive piece. 90 minutes of raw audio walls. It build and crashes like a tsunami slowed down 900 times. It's gorgeous. It looks gorgeous too. Excellent typography mixed with many stills from the film. There is a tiny booklet stapled inside the j-card that makes you wonder why every release on cassette hasn't always had these booklets. It's very worth owning. Put this on next time you get to read some Henry Miller. Trust me. 

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