Friday, January 31, 2014

Feral King/Lonely Ghost Parade—Split 7"

Feral King/Lonely Ghost Parade
Split 7"
Last Anthem/RDG

Feral King is hardcore. Like Iron Lung hardcore though. So brutal, thick and fast. It's pretty rad. If you like that stuff you will like this. I did. Lonely/Ghost/Parade is a bit more experimental but in a hard rock way. It has a singer that really sings and he does a good job. I guess this probably sounds more like Tool than anything. Not really my cup of tea. When I was blasting Handsome records in the 90's I would probably been more into this. Let's talk for a second about the packaging though. I'm not sure how what they decided to do gels with the music very well but it's pretty cool. The cover is 3-D and it's well done. The swirls behind it give it this Man's Ruin 1994 vibe and I dig that. In keeping with the idea the vinyl itself is half red and half blue. It's fucking brilliant. They include 3-D glasses but if you loose those to look at the cover you always have the clear, colored vinyl. The back cover with the text is a little meh. Arial Black is the type. Who are you? Al Gore? He used that in his movie, maybe I should be more specific. It just isn't that nice of a font and the white stroke around it makes it a little dated. Whoever laid it out did understand basic typography though. I can tell that. It just need a little more consideration I think. 

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