Friday, January 31, 2014

Jorge Arana Trio/Ambulants—split 7"

Jorge Arana Trio/Ambulants
split 7"
Bridal Horse Records

Good record. I almost just want to leave it at that and hope you track one down. It's a good one, at least for a kid that grew up with 80's and 90's Dischord and Touch and Go Records. Jorge Arana Trio play this excellent instrumental jazz that has touches of Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Dazzling Killmen meets Fugazi that completely work for me. These recordings are a little more special because the have added one to the trio by way of a violin player. It works quite well and honestly before I put this on I didn't think it would. Ambulants have a stronger DC sound. I would compare them pretty confidently to Faraquet. I don't know if people picked up Faraquet's full length on Dischord a few years back but the opening track on that thing will blow your mind. These songs by Ambulants are right up there. Smart musicians playing some smart and bizarre rock/jazz. The record looks great. Although unless you knew for a fact that this was a split you may think the record was called Ambulants and it was just a JAT single because of how the cover looks to me. They make a nice use of hand drawn type and a great illustration. Good work. 

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