Monday, December 9, 2013

Lionel O • Mama Said Knock Me Out cs

Lionel O
Mama Said Knock Me Out
Golden Beast

I think the only thing I would have changed in this is the title. The title, while silly, is fitting because I have learned that Lionel O made this cassette for his mother to help her sleep. I love that. In fact I love the fact that this is full of love but that title is so goofy compared to the beautiful minimalism of the music, hand drawn text and the photo that it just stands out as a mistake to me. It's like at the end of a great film about a building romance that seemed like it was never going to be, where the lovers are finally able to be together forever and the man leans in and says "Your boobies rock". Or something. That said, this is wonderful. The music is fantastic and I imagine totally effective. Lionel O has a talent for sculpting his music and I am very glad that he has decided to share that with the rest of us. The cover art is a photograph of his mother as a child and in this context it is completely adorable and heartbreaking. The type is all drawn by hand which was absolutely the correct choice. I do wish that the text was a bit more legible but I think that it doesn't matter so much. All in all this is absolutely something you would be healthier for having heard. 

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