Monday, December 9, 2013

Fear Konstruktor • Ball Metall cs

Fear Konstruktor
Ball Metall
Black Horizons

Yay! I love Fear Konstruktor. I gotta look that guy up again. His output is always amazing. This big emotional drones that threaten to envelope you completely. Really excellent stuff and this is also fantastic. You really can't go wrong wit any of FK's catalog. Find this.

The layout is great. Black Horizons is known for it's inventive packagings and this is an exceptional undertaking. It appears to be a normal cassette from the outside but inside the J card is a booklet of artwork and there are a few tiny, loose prints inside as well. Really well done. The printing method doesn't really lend itself well to the light weight san serif font but it still looks good, just hard to read. That would maybe be my only change in a basically flawless release.  

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