Friday, August 2, 2013

Zone Tripper cs

Zone Tripper
Forever Escaping Boredom Records

I was 15 in 1990. I went to the Alderwood Mall one saturday afternoon and wondered to the movie theater in search of something appropriate for a 15 year old. I saw the poster for Hardware and bought my ticket. I haven't seen Hardware since that day in 1990 but I remember a few things about it—there was Iggy Pop, fighting the extermination robot and something about a poison that smells like apple pie. The most important thing for me was that after the movie I ran to the record store and decided that I needed something that sounded like how that movie made me feel. I wasn't sure what to pick up but I settled on Arise by Sepultura. I was not disappointed. Zone Tripper, the noise trio, seems to have wanted the same thing but they decided to make their own Arise. It's a brutal, brutal assault of noise and samples. Samples used in a way that I can get behind, sparingly. The layout itself looks like it was done in 1990. In that I would say that it's not very attractive but it's very fitting. Definitely worth it for the time travel. 

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