Tuesday, August 20, 2013

303 Committee "s/t" & "Nine Angels" cdrs

Photos stolen from "a closer listen" because I can't get a good photo of these to save my life.
You should check out their review. It's way more researched than mine. 

303 Committee
S/t & Nine Angels
Inam Records

So obviously I haven't been able to keep up with Dead Formats that way I had been able to do over the last couple years. It's a shame really. I really enjoy doing this and I feel completely honored that anyone would think to send me anything in order to have me share my dumb opinion on it. I obviously feel so honored that I am  sent these pieces of people's blood, sweat and pedal chains that I often am pretty easy on most people. Or maybe it just seems like it because most stuff people put effort into is pretty good. Although I am probably pretty easy on people. I think I was born with an enlarged empathy gland. Oh well, I certainly don't mind likin' stud but I certainly don't think it makes me a very good critic. I wonder if I doing any good. The long and short of what I am getting at is that I am going to still continue Dead Formats but on this new inconsistent schedule. 
     Now to the music. 303 Committee is really super good. Seriously. I have been listening to these two cdrs non stop for months in my car now and I am actually pretty jealous. A lot of what i am trying to do in Blsphm is basically perfected by this secret duo. Dark, droning, grinding ambience with really disciplined field recordings. Both cdrs are way limited and way fucking good. The only thing I don't like about this project is the name. I just don't dig it (although I do like where it came from, it just sits weird with me) but the music is miles away from here and it's crushing. 

The packaging for both cdrs is great. Unusual cuts and well set type printed into vellum or card stock.  It's simple but really well handled. 

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