Friday, August 2, 2013

Holiness Church of the Valley/Pornography split cs

Holiness Church of the Valley/Pornography
Spring Street Records

Did you grow up on a healthy diet of Ebullition and Pessimiser/Theologian records? You should have. You should have got to see John Henry West, Still Life, Grief and Despise You in an afternoon before going to a show that evening with The Locust (when there were 9 people in the band), Downcast and Crom. That should have happened for you because you would be just as miserable as me with the state of heavy music today, but that's another discussion… besides, those shows above never exactly happened that way, exactly…  Holiness Church of the Valley could totally be one of those bands. Like maybe made of of members of Orchid before they decided that they need to be as fast as they were ironic. It's mid-tempo to slow and heavy but in a very noisy way. Not really metal at all and I dig that. It also has this epic quality that Still Life had. Maybe let's say it sounds like End of the Line meets Still Life. Pornography is equally heavy but more in the Melvins/Toadliquor world. Sludge before everyone heard Khanate. It's not tuned so low that it doesn't matter what notes anyone is playing. It's low but not too low. It's slow but not too slow. There needs to be a full length of their stuff that I can listen to today. Simple packaging brings me back to a simpler time. Excellent. Find this. 

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