Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wrath of the Weak "Solace" cs

Wrath of the Weak
Universal Consciousness

I feel honored to review the last release from Wrath of the Weak. If you don't know about them/him then consider yourself so lucky to be able to hear the entire catalog for the first time. Bedroom black metal with a whole lot of shoegaze and dense noise covering gorgeous and heartbreaking melodies. This release is the most heartbreaking of them all. The long repetitive drones and noise just barely covers some of the most beautiful and crushing sounds I have heard in a log time. Turn this up loud and kill your house plants with a crushing feeling of longing and sadness. I am going to listen to this over and over again. I am going to constantly hope that this time, the music won't stop.

     Of course it looks great. Universal Consciousness does an amazing job every time. Letterpressed covers with xeroxed inside artwork make for a killer combination of texture and mood. This cassette comes in a neon green clear case. It's so cool that my 3 year old has stolen the case. It's beautiful. 

Get this right now. 

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