Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lord Time "Drink my Tears" cs

Lord Time
Drink my Tears
Universal Consciousness

Thank Jesus for Lord Time. Lord Time is able to take the sub genre of bedroom black metal and constantly do something brand new and interesting with each release. There is thought in these releases and I love that. This is long. Like maybe two hours. It moves from blazing black metal to bizarre noise segues to droning strings and synths but the movements are random and unexpected. It's probably one of my favorite Lord Time releases yet. I would love to see this reissued on a series of 7"s. I hope Lord Time never stops. 

     The cassette itself is letterpresses black on white paper and then covered in blood. It's brutal. To think he releases 100 cassettes and covers them in his blood. It's kinda a lot of blood. The tape looks red because it's in a translucent red jewel case. Everything is held together by a sticker that you must break, which when you do means that you have forfeited your soul. Sorry.

Never pass up anything from Universal Consciousness or Lord Time. 

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