Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jorge Arana Trio "Mapache" cs

Jorge Arana Trio
Self Released

This is not the only cassette that I am way overdue on reviewing but it one of the ones that I am most bummed about not getting to earlier. Jorge Arana Trio is jazz.  Absolutely. As far as which genre of jazz though… well, that's a little harder to nail down. There are strong elements of fusion and free jazz but there are also elements of noise, pro rock and metal on this recording. It lives somewhere between Dave Brubeck, Dazzling Killmen, Trevor Dunn Convulsant, Faraquet and The JanMichaelVincentCarCrash. It's fucking awesome! Super fast and erratic at times this recording is really impressive. I am pretty blown away to be honest. Never boring and not at all self indulgent, they seem to want to play music for themselves and the audience that might be listening. It's playful, clever and heavy and the approach to song writing never feels forced or overly improvised. It's a good balance. The recording itself sounds really good as well. Damn good. 

     The cassette looks good and brings to mind the best of the Blue Note layouts. That look is maybe a little too much of a tell though. It almost looks like the layout is wearing a "jazz uniform". I forgive it though because it's well done. 

Well, worth it. 

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