Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stephen O'Malley "petite geante"

Stephen O'Malley
petite geante

It seems these days that Steve gets a lot of flak just for existing. I guess backlashes are normal when someone reaches some pretty high levels of success but i don't feel it's very warranted. Between what he has done aurally with KTL, SUNN 0))), Aethenor and Gravetemple and visually with his graphic design, I think he deserves his success. I am sure not every piece of work he has ever done or will do will be amazing but so far he has a pretty excellent record. This particular release was part of some art installation in Norway I guess. That already sets off the pretentious alarms but this piece is great. Restrained and elegant guitar, synth and effects create a wonderful audio landscape. It doesn't really grab you so much as wash over you. Definitely designed to be accompaniment to something else. I recommend trying to find a copy if you can. They have been sold out at the label but i have seen a few copies for cheap here and there. Edition of 350 copies with fantastic artwork by savage pencil on the wonderful Tapeworm label.

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