Friday, December 3, 2010

Hell "II"

Logos Absorb

I first thought that Hell may win for the lamest name in doom metal. I was prepared to be totally unimpressed with their music. I thought the layout was kinda sad and the song titles kinda silly. I was totally against this. That is probably why i think it rules so hard now that i have heard it. This is really fucking great. Super heavy and unique doom. Epic song compositions that move in totally unexpected ways. Really inspiring guitar playing and excellent drumming. The vocals are crushing and a few minutes into the first track i heard a scream that all but destroyed my earliest memory of how rad i thought the first scream on "Angel of Death" was when I was in junior high. This is a complicated set of songs. Really well played and pretty intimidating. Hell has totally won a fan. I am excited to see what they are doing next. I guess a west coast tour and a 12" of their first cassette which i missed. I don't know if these tapes are still around but you should track them down on myspace. Hell yeah.

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