Friday, July 10, 2015

Hex Horizontal—Influx II: The Isthmus cs

Hex Horizontal
Influx II: The Isthmus
Geweih Ritual Documents

This is why people buy tapes. To hold something this awesome. I almost don’t want to review this so much as I want to rant about the value of physical objects but I’m not really in the zone so instead let me just say that you should look at this. Take a minute. 

The printing ideas here are fantastic. The designer, who is clearly very skilled, has a really strong knowledge of spatial relationships and understood how to make this tape, the tape itself, look like a three dimensional image using two separate planes. The J card is transparent and all the information is fit perfectly as to not get in the way of the cassette. Well done. The art is beautiful and the design is just top notch. Bravo.  The audio on the tape is by no means taking a back seat to the artwork though. It adds its own weight to the artwork by being totally fucking bonkers. Guitar, drums and oscillators make a cacophony that you will hopefully find as disturbing and relaxing as I did. It’s great. Nice work people!

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