Sunday, February 1, 2015

RU/ST 3"cdr



RU/ST is HNW and for that you should find this. 3" cdrs are becoming the most dead of formats and it kinda bums me out. It's inevitable but they are so rad and back in the early 90's they were the catch-all SciFi way of carrying information in the future. Anyway, RU/ST rules. This track is 22 mins of blistering. 

WIth the packaging I'm a little torn. The packaging itself is nice. Hand made but still professional but I feel the assembly could have been a little tighter. The bag it comes in is way too big and that's always so clunky looking but in general this is nicely done.. I guess it's a thumbs up on the packaging. The cover has some sort of weird textured ink or paint that has been screened or stenciled on. It's kinda gross to touch and I love that. Textural elements aren't used enough in packaging. Sadly, I bet that will crumble off in a few years. Either way, if you are a collector of 3" cdrs, and you should be, this is one to find. 

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