Sunday, February 1, 2015

Negru Voda/Knös—Face Without Face cd

Negru Voda/Knös
Face Without Face
Malignant Records

I'm not really feeling this one. Both acts are totally fine but for some reason I'm not super into this. Dark industrial noise that certainly haunts the corners but when it was over I was just sorta done. The whole thing has this 90's sound and look that is cool but I feel like I have seen it and heard it all before. The irony isn't lost on someone who listens to HNW all day, trust me, but I am just sort of unaffected by this particular release.

The layout isn't bad. It's got this Neville Brody feel here and there and I really like the type treatment on the back. The cover is a bit of a mess but I enjoy the artwork. I think for the right person this would rule. I'm just not that guy. 

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