Thursday, November 6, 2014

Humongous—Who Among Us cs

Who Among Us
Blacktop Records

So I'm not really familiar with Open Hand but apparently this is the solo project of the frontman, Justin Isham. When I first put this in I got a real strong Future Islands vibe from it and that's pretty cool for me. As the tracks go by it moves towards straight hip hop before it moves back to synth pop but with a heavy vocoder vocal presense a lá Kavinsky. It's a pretty killer album all in all. I imagine a kid moving from Indiana to New York City may bring this as one of his only cassettes and he would be totally fine with that…

The layout isn't much to comment on. There is issues with the typographical hierarchy and there just didn't seem to be too much thought put into the looks at all to be honest. I think the picture on the cover is the same reference that Jake Bannon used for Jane Doe. I think Converge just owns that image now so it's weird to see it used somewhere else. Unless I'm mistaken*… The music on this record is varied, complicated and interesting and the look of this just doesn't convey that at all.

*It's not the same but it's darn close...

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