Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekh Hexen—One Hundred Year Storm cs

Trepaneringsritualen & Sutekh Hexen
One Hundred Year Storm
Cloister Recordings/Pesanta Urfolk

Two things. One I have no clue on how that project is pronounced. I have a few of his albums and I basically treat that band name like a character in a fantasy novel. I know it when I see it but I could never say it out loud. Second, I actually had a hard time believing this was recorded live. This is such a wonderful bleak and tragic recording that I was sure this was a long studio endeavor that spanned months. Not a semi-improvised spontaneous recording by Mateo Garcia from last year's Stella Natura Festival. It's a fantastic recording and I would scramble to get a copy of this one. Really crucial. 

It's packed in a black Brad pack that is very, very well designed and illustrated. Definitely a highpoint in cassette design. This is going in the book...

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