Saturday, September 20, 2014

Old Iron—cordyceps cs

Old Iron
self released

So Old Iron is touring the west coast right now and you should go. The band is made up of two of Seattle's most talented and tasteful tattoo artists and one damn fine drummer. The music is somewhere between Torche and Neurosis but with a more rock-sensible sound. The guitarist Jesse Roberts is also the bass player for Seattle's Sandrider and you can hear it a bit. Anyway, these guys rule. The tape sounds great and you should really go see them on tour. The only real issue I have with this whole tape is that the typography is pretty slap-dash. Someone just sort of filled the spaces with text instead of composing the sections of their layout. Also the text on the spine is upside down. I don't enjoy when that happens but it happens often enough I think it may be a conscious choice and not a mistake. Oh well...

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