Friday, November 22, 2013

L'Eclipse Nue "Because I Hate You" cd

L'Eclipse Nue
Because I Hate You
Dorei Recordings

I don't usually do negative reviews. I don't really have the muscles for it. I can be critical of elements of something but it's rare that I decide to write about something that I really, really don't like. In this case I decided to go ahead. That said, I really, really don't like this. In fact I don't think I have ever disliked something sent to me this much. It has some good parts; the logo is cool and the music by itself isn't horrendous. It's the vocals, the vocals ruin it. It teeters on rap most of the time. Sort of like MC 900' Jesus but way worse. There is constant singing. Whether it's being spoken or terribly screamed the vocals never seem to stop. I have to be in awe a little at how many words this person decided to write down and then sing. It's amazing in a way. The delivery of the lyrics are bad but the lyrics themselves are just horrible:

I'm dressed in my new uniform,
Neatly pressed,
Got the crest
of an eagle on my breast.
I don't care less
if you detest me,
Because it's my duty to serve and arrest.

He says this part, this chorus, about five hundred times. The parts that you think might rhyme do and it's worse than it sounds. I played this for a friend and he didn't believe this wasn't me fucking with him. That's how bad that particular song is: my friend thought I wrote and recorded an intentionally bad song for him. This song sounds like a punchline for one. It's also an awful ear worm that lays eggs and never lets go. I was singing it in the shower this morning and I got even angrier at the person who decided to perform this. I guess that's a victory for the artist. He did call the album Because I Hate You. Obviously he really does. 

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