Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sujo + Sun Hammer "Fistula" cs or cd

Sujo + Sun Hammer
Inam Records

The best way I can explain this album is with a short yet insane description: Imagine every morning you wake up from an unsettling dream only to witness the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen. It is so uniquely beautiful because on this morning your planet Earth was fatally struck by a large asteroid. The colors and sky is nothing like you have ever seen or will see again. It's almost indescribable. The canopy of colors above is electric with it's blues, greens, pinks and reds. The clouds are scattering like soap twisting around a bathtub drain. Mountains crumble and start to slowly fall upwards. The world around you is uniting with the heavens and all of a sudden you see the stars. Millions of stars as your atmosphere dissolves and you find yourself slowly, and wonderfully drifting up into what was once a sky but now is just your new home. The loving eternity. Then all of a sudden it's morning and you have just woken up from an unsettling dream. You find yourself eye to eye with the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen…  and it goes like this for 7 tracks. 

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