Friday, June 21, 2013

Jon Collin "The Great Stink" cs

Jon Collin
The Great Stink
Eiderdown Records

Jon Collin is a UK based guitarist who is know for his experimental, minimal guitar pieces, His work in Serfs and his excellent looking releases from Winebox Press. This tape is a recent release from Seattle's excellent label Eiderdown Records, which I believe I have put on that list of labels that you should just buy everything from. The work on this cassette is that type of minimal work I love. Where the music is almost a duet between the guitar notes and the room it's being played in. Really good stuff. Think Jack Rose, James Blackshaw and John Fahey but then ignore all that and just listen to this. It's in it's own little bubble universe and it's great.

All Eiderdown cassettes so far have had awesome textured drawings screenprinted by Andrew Crawshaw and this is another to add to the ever-growing gorgeous pile of magnetic tape filled artwork. 

Do not miss. 

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