Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Story of Rats "Thought Forms" lp

A Story of Rats
Thought Forms
Eiderdown Records

Well, I guess it's about time for the best record of the year to come out. A Story of Rats first voyage into vinyl is sure to not be the last. This beautifully packaged, pressed and printed 12" from Eiderdown is absolutely crucial. Beautifully crafted drones and subtle ambience creates two epic soundscapes. Garek Druss has been known for his work with Tecumseh, Wolveserpent (Pussygutt), This Blinding Light and also as half of Seattle's Dull Knife. His output is pretty impressive and with his (mostly) solo project, A Story of Rats, he has released some very excellent work in the last couple years. Specifically his most recent cassette, Relinquishment, on FSS records really garnered a lot of well deserved attention. This full length seems like what that cassette had been building towards. Eiderdown is one of the Kickstarter success stories and we are glad for them. Their upcoming roster looks incredible but this first release is going to be a tough one to top. Highest recommendation.

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