Friday, June 24, 2011

Head Boggle "Ciat Demo as Rhapsodized" cs

Head Boggle
Ciat Demo as Rhapsodized
Cylindrical Habitat Modules

This is real out there. It's starts off with an expertly played yet abstract piano. Is it a loop or sample. Is Mr. Gedalecia playing it as well? I have no idea. It's accompanied by piercing little squeaks and bleeps from old synths. As the piano falls away you get slight, almost ambient tones. Here and there small rhythms come out of the ether of this composition. From there it continues to get weirder but it also gets more amazing. More piano, mandolin, electric piano, shortwave radio and maybe a group of people all add to the odd choir of this release. It's really quite good. The artwork is spastic and as all over as the music. Recommended.

Update: No samples. No loops. All instrumentation is played by Mr. Gedalecia. Amazing.

Head Boggle - Loudbike Malform (excerpt) by Headboggle

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