Friday, May 13, 2011

Glass Coffin "laying waste to the kingdom of light" cs

Glass Coffin
Laying Waste to the Kingdom of Light
Annex Scum

When I was younger, around 1989-90, I used to hang out with some kids that had older brothers. They would hang out in the woods, make huge fires, drink beer, talk about satan and blast metal over a jukebox that leaned against a tree. I would get to tag along and hang back as I learned a whole bunch about being a hesher. It wasn't really were i ended up but I have fond memories of throwing shit in fires and listening to Slayer, Venom, Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden or whatever they had on their warped fourth generation mixed tapes. Glass Coffin immediately brought those memories flooding back. Old school Black Metal done in that amazing lofi "bedroom black metal" I had encountered more and more lately. Four tracks ranging from mid paced to blazing fast and all played by noise guru Josh Lay. This is impressive. It's basically an homage to Bathory, Mayhem and Venom. The audio is perfect with it's mid range guitars and insane mix. Josh Lay continues to impress me with his range of work and this cassette has been a strangely nostalgic trip for me. Summer is coming, it will be the perfect time to get outdoors, put this tape on and then burn your parents lawn furniture to shit.

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