Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dried Up Corpse/Distant Relative—split cs

Dried Up Corpse/Distant Relative
Enemata Productions

Thank fuckingchrist this showed up. I love most of the stuff I get but this is life-sustaining for me. Two sides of just fucking noise. I love this so hard. Dried Up Corpse are always amazing and this is no exception. This is a bit different from the usual HNW though. This is most of wave after wave of sliding, grinding waves of noise. The first track is called Black Sand and I think that is a pretty good descriptor. The Distant Relative side is more of a sputtering, exploding HNW and it’s great. Distant Relative is Dustin Johnston (no relation to me, Demian Johnston, but some people thought it was me) from Actuary so you know it’s fucking killer. This whole thing rules. Find this. 

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  1. I heard that DUC actually ground up 80 lbs of black sand for one track and another 80 lbs of obsidian for the other....