Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage—Let's Play! cd

Cameron Michael Nichols-Rage
Let's Play!
Readymade Tapes

This exists somewhere between too adorable to critique and pretty damn good regardless. This is basically a 2 year old making noise on things and really accomplished noise makers collaborating and expanding on the cutest source material imaginable. Some tracks are a little unlistenable but there are some stand outs on here that will blow you away. Most notably Magnetic Lucifer (who I think might be Crank Sturgeon), irr. app. (ext.) and At jennie Richie & Ressler. It's really worth hearing and I hope Cameron's parents keep doing this every year. I would love to hear how this progresses. 

The cd itself looks like something a grandma might put together around a birthday and I think that just makes it all the more adorable. Well done Cameron. 

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